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Do you want healthier looking skin? A variety of skin care products use CBD because it is non-toxic. Products that help regulate the oils your skin produces can help with acne. Other skin care products look to improve sun damage and other signs of aging. Our users have added CBD into their daily skin care routines.

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Benefits of using CBD on Skin

Skin is delicate but also protects the body from infections. It's essential to keep your skin healthy for both your physical and mental health. 
There are few products that help with skin conditions like acne and psoriasis. Look for products that help with tired or dry skin by improving skin elasticity and regulating oil production. Some of our users use CBD to make their skin look younger and healthier. You shouldn’t worry about taking CBD because it does not get you high and is not addictive. 
CBD for Acne
Many things cause acne, including inflammation, irritation, diet, and clogged pores. CBD aids in the regulation of sebum, which is a skin lubricant. Sebum is necessary but can lead to acne when it becomes sticky and clogs your pores. CBD can produce better quality oil than the sebum that clogs your pores. Clogged pores can lead to dry patches, redness, blotches, and inflammation. 

Who Should use CBD for Skin Care? 

While anyone can benefit from good skin care, people over 40 must look for products that have anti-aging benefits. 
The type of skin care benefits depends on the kind of skincare products. It’s important to do your due diligence when shopping for skin care products. 
Whatever CBD skincare products you choose, it's best to use the ones that only use all natural, non-toxic ingredients. Many use CBD as a natural alternative to other skincare products that contain unhealthy components. 
Disclaimer: While our products are a safe and effective method of consuming CBD, know that they aren’t ideal for everyone. 
Women who are pregnant or lactating should avoid CBD. And anyone taking medications or other treatments, or are otherwise under a strict health plan with their physician, should talk to their healthcare provider before vaping. 
Remember, too, that research on CBD is fairly limited when compared to THC; we do not have the data to confidently say what medications, health problems, or disorders CBD affects positively or adversely. So, use CBD at your discretion. 

Why Choose Balance CBD for Skin Care?

If you're looking for CBD for skin care, look no further than Balance CBD. We’ve always got new skincare products coming down the pipeline. Whether it's new bath bombs or different flavored tinctures, choose from a large variety. Check out our diverse range of CBD skin care products on sale today!