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CBD Suppositories are another way of applying medicine. They are effective for relief, by just allowing medication to enter the body through the rectum, vagina or the urethra. The introduction of CBD suppositories are a very welcome development in the medical world. It gives the patients a chance to get the benefits of what CBD oil can offer.

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CBD Suppositories are one of a kind product in the medical field that was developed to relieve pain, stress and anxiety. The way it is administered gives way for an easy absorption of the CBD substance to the body and in turn starts the healing process. There are different kinds of CBD suppositories for different conditions and all these gave hope for patients, to end their sufferings the easiest possible way.

What Are CBD Suppositories?

CBD suppositories are medications that contain cannabidoil and are intended to give relief to the patient, who are suffering from pain, anxiety and stress. But, these type of medication will be administered thru the rectum, vagina and urethra. CBD suppositories are design for people who cannot take medications by mouth.

What Are The Benefits Of Using CBD Suppositories?

CBD suppositories were unpopular for the past decades, but, the evidence of its fast effectiveness makes it a more sought application in the present days. Slowly, people are becoming more aware of the benefits it brings to the patient. Here are some of those benefits:

Fast reaction

Once the suppository is inserted into the body, due to the small particle size achieved through our ultra-sonic technology, there is increased bioavailability and absorption.  This allows fast onset of action, allowing the CBD to spread rapidly in the system to provide instant relief. 

Control the effects of THC

THC in cannabis controls the high factor of a person who is into it. When CBD suppositories is inserted into the rectum, urethra or the vagina, the THC is controlled, while the healing process of the CBD continues.


Being able to get fast relief of pain and anxiety, people can do more in life and will be more productive. It will also save them money for more medication.

Pain Relief

One of the benefits of using CBD products is to relieve pain from different sorts of health problems. A healthy and fast way to take all the pain away.

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Buying it online is a lot easier, because you don’t have to go out from your house. With just few clicks in Balance CBD, you can easily get your CBD Suppositories and get yourself the treatment you need without a hassle.

Balanced CBD is a trusted seller of CBD suppositories, rest assured you’ll get the CBD products you need from a reliable source. We offer various CBD products that can surely help you with your daily lives from oil, oral spray, capsules, gums, candies, vaporizers and etc. You can check these other products in case you want to switch to other options.

How To Use CBD Suppository?

CBD Suppositories are easy to administer. You just have to insert the medicine to the rectum, vagina or the penis and make sure that you release them to the most inner part you can manage. Then push the ejector to release the medicine. For urethra insertion, make sure to massage the penis for a while, to make sure that the CBD suppository has entered the urethra. For the vagina insertion, it is advise to use a panty shield for a while or a napkin, as some liquids may flow outside the vagina.

Things You Should Remember Using CBD Suppositories

Place it in refrigerator to keep it cool or frozen. Suppository medicines are soft and easily melts in a room temperature. So before using CBD Suppositories, you must keep it frozen.

Hygiene is very important in this type of medication. It is recommended to wash your hands before touching the CBD suppository and after inserting it to your butt.

CBD Suppositories use is advised before bed time to make sure that it remains in your body until it is fully absorbed.

For CBD Vaginal Suppositories

Is it safe to use CBD Suppositories in vagina even if you are in menstrual period? Yes, there are medications intended for Vaginal use to treat menstrual cramps and pain. But it is reportedly to make you feel aroused too. Woman always have monthly periods that can change their mood the entire day just because of the pain and body temperature that menstruation can bring.

Fortunately, CBD suppositories for vagina can help you fix the uncomfortable feeling of menstruation, plus you get to skip the pain and mood change. It’s ideal for those that are career focused and want to keep up the day even on their monthly visits.

You don’t have to go through the pain and hormonal imbalance, enjoy your day even in your menstrual period with CBD suppositories.

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Balance CBD is a well established online seller for CBD products. We have been in the industry for years, which makes us a reliable source of healthy CBD suppositories and other CBD related products. Balance CBD has establish long term relationship to customers and offers fast delivery service.