Not too long ago, the world was a peaceful place. Suddenly, the year 2012 disrupted most of our lives, and no, it was not the Mayan Apocalypse that some were predicting. Instead, the kale vegetable exploded onto the scene, and it was everywhere!

Previously only used to decorate vegetable displays, kale has become a household member of many people’s fridges, and has broken through pop culture. This vegetable is commonly touted as being packed full of nutrients and used in many green shakes.

Much in the same way, CBD’s popularity began to skyrocket in the US in 2018. We can see in the picture below of Google Trends that this natural compound was much less popular than its THC counterpart up until 2017. However, since hemp’s federal legalization in 2018, the CBD market has taken off and it’s only going to continue growing at astronomical rates.

Unlike kale though, CBD’s largest regular users appear to be Millennials, according to a Harris poll.

While only 5% of of the 45-54 and 55-64 age groups use CBD regularly, the 18-34 age group has 10% of its members using CBD, while the 35-44 age group boasts 12%. All of these numbers, however, are expected to grow.

Just How Popular is CBD?

Since the enactment of the 2018 Farm Bill, American companies have been rushing to the market to provide various CBD products, after President Trump signed the bill into law on December 20, 2018.

From cosmetics, to pet products, to supplements, the market is expected to cross the $20 billion dollar mark in the US by 2024, according to research done by BDS Analytics and Arcview Market Research.

Even popular fast food chain, Carl’s Jr., tested out a CBD-infused burger at one of their Denver locations on marijuana’s holiday, April 20th (4/20). The burger even sold for the novelty price of $4.20.

Balance CBD - Burger

Other mega corporations have also made it known that they will be entering the CBD market.

According to a study conducted by High Yield Insights, 40% of American adults over the age of 21 have indicated that they are interested in trying CBD.

With such a large number of adults indicating that they are eager to try CBD, it’s no wonder that companies are shifting their focus to this market that is still in its infancy.

As a result of hemp’s new legal status, more studies can be conducted on humans. Previously, CBD’s research was largely dependent on studies done on animals, due to its illegality. Since the shackles have been lifted, the aging population that may be suffering from disease and illness, may also see a spike in usage.

Why Millennials Are Twice As Likely To Use CBD

When asked in a Harris Poll why users were using CBD, 55% of respondents claimed it was for relaxation, while 50% claimed it was to relieve stress and anxiety.

In the UK, a study conducted by Wills Towers Watson conducted a survey of 2,824 employees and found that 61% of Millennials were suffering from higher levels of stress, as opposed to 33% of Baby Boomers, and 50% of Generation X.

CBD Anti-Aging - Balance CBD

This correlation may offer researches some insight as to why usage is so popular among the Millennial crowd, especially since the difference between men and women is minimal.

However, it can also be argued that Millennials are more of CBD’s possible benefits, and have been able to conduct research on the matter.

Anecdotal evidence and many animals studies have shown CBD to have positive effects on those suffering from epilepsy, cancer, pain, skin conditions, diabetes and many more conditions.

With the ability to conduct more studies on humans, CBD’s popularity may grow among the older generations. The Harris Poll found that 38% of the adult population were concerned about unknown side effects, while 33% expressed concern about how it would interact with their prescription medication.

Although CBD is considered to have a favorable safety profile, according to the World Health Organization, and no potential for abuse, CBD is still a potentially confusing area for many citizens.

Often confused with cannabis or the psychoactive THC, many Americans aren’t aware that CBD is non- psychoactive, or aren’t aware of its effects.

As research increases, doctors may point some of their older patients towards this natural compound for their ailments. Such a shift in the public’s perception of CBD may swing the pendulum over to the older age groups.

CBD for Stress | Balance CBD

Regardless of age, CBD is fast becoming known to many Americans as potentially beneficial for their overall health. It will be interesting to see this market mature as the years go by.

Be Wary of CBD Products

While it may be beneficial to many of its users, many companies have been warned by the FDA, or other authorities, for misrepresenting facts or claiming to have CBD in their products when there were little to none.

When deciding to buy CBD products online, it is important to choose a company that uses 3rd party lab testing and doesn’t use any GMO products, pesticides or additives.

All of the products listed on our website abide by these guidelines, as well as being completely vegan and Made in the USA.


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