Does CBD have an expiry date? 

Buying a good quality bottle of CBD oil is like making an investment: it is quite expensive, and it is guaranteed to hold its value over time. The big question is, for how long will it maintain its value? Does CBD have an expiry date?
Considering that you have spent a lot of money buying that precious bottle, it would be an injustice if it were to expire after a week or month. An average CBD user consumes a few drops of the oil daily. So, before they finish one bottle, it could be several months to a year. 
This article answers some of the most frequently asked questions on CBD’s longevity. It also covers some tips on how to extend its shelf-life. 

What is CBD’s shelf-life?

The average shelf-life of CBD oil is between 14 months and two years. This, of course, is subject to the storage conditions that the product is subjected to. 
Putting the CBD oil in direct sunlight or high temperature could lead to an earlier than expected expiry date. 
CBD oil products that have been subjected to minimal processing generally last longer than the rest. For example, a full spectrum/whole plant CBD oil will last longer than an isolate. Also, flavored CBD oil may expire sooner than raw CBD oil since the flavoring ingredients may have a shorter shelf life than the CBD. 
The extraction method also plays a huge role in determining how long a product will last. A majority of industry experts agree that the best method is the CO2 extraction method. The products made from this method are of premium quality, and they remain potent for a long time. 
CO2 extraction guarantees compound stability during and after the process. When other methods are used, it may result in a low-quality product with destabilized compounds and short shelf life.  
The Food and Drug Administration requires all CBD brands to have a label that indicates its expiry date, whether it is a top-shelf product, averagely priced, or lowly priced. The FDA does this to protect the consumers from any brand that refuses to comply with the requirement. 

Does CBD oil go bad?

CBD oil’s quality and potency can be interfered with if stored in less than optimum conditions or if it stays for more than two years. 
Any CBD oil that has lost its quality translates to a product that won’t cause the expected impact on a user’s body. So, any compromised oil, whether by age or storage conditions, will not deliver the therapeutic benefits associated with high-quality CBD products like pain and inflammation relief. 

Can CBD oil that has gone bad make you sick?

Unlike milk, CBD does not turn sour or spoil, so users are less likely to get ill if they consume it after it has gone bad. This is applicable mostly for people who are micro-dosing. 
Stay safe and get rid of all CBD bottles with questionable storage and those that have stayed in the medicine cabinet for more than two years. 

Tips on how to store CBD oil 

The best place to store CBD oil is in a cool and dark place in temperatures of between 15 °C to 21 °C. 
Most manufacturers store CBD oil in tinted green glass bottles. This is because the dark green color helps to keep sunlight rays from penetrating the bottle and expediting the expiration. 

Tips on how to make CBD oil last longer?

The following tips will keep your CBD oil fresh for up to two years. 
  1. Only open the bottle when in use to prevent oxidation, which is a primary enemy of CBD that seeks to shorten its shelf life.
  2. Do not change bottles for CBD capsules and soft gels, and always ensure they remain completely shut.
  3. Keep the bottles in an upright position and not horizontally.
  4. For CBD tinctures and oils, find the coolest and darkest place like a pantry or cabinet and store them there. 
  5. Avoid storing your CBD in a room where a humidifier is used. The elevated humidity levels will increase the probability of mold formulation. 
  6. Avoid areas where the CBD oil will be in direct sunlight, as this will hasten the expiry date. 
  7. Keep the CBD away from warm areas like ovens, heaters, and radiators. Additionally, do no store CBD oil in a bag, purse, or pocket for a long period. Bacteria are found in abundance in warm places.
  8. Always use clean utensils when measuring CBD for consumption. Whether it is a dropper or a spoon, clean it before use and NEVER double dip. 


The average shelf life of most CBD products on the market is between a year and two years. To ensure your CBD stays this long, ensure you store it in a dark and cool room. Avoid light and heat to prevent oxidation. With these tips, you can enjoy the numerous benefits it has to offer for an extended period. 

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