CBD Lip Balm

As the CBD market explodes, there’s more and more CBD infused products coming to the market. You buy everything from CBD pillows to CBD lip balms. Initially, there was only CBD oil on the market, then came along CBD gummies, CBD capsules and CBD topicals
One of the niches that the CBD market is expanding into is CBD skincare. Skincare products include anything that’s applied topically, rather than being consumed. For example – our CBD Muscle Relief Cream. You can also find CBD bath bombs, and now – CBD lip balm. 
We’ll give you all the details on CBD chapstick, so see if CBD chapstick can actually be useful for you. 

CBD Lip Balm – Is it Useful?

You might be wondering if CBD lip balm is actually useful or not. If you’re not consuming CBD, then what does it actually do?
Well, depending on how the CBD topical is made, they can actually be very useful. For example, our CBD Muscle Relief Creams and CBD Lubes are made using nano CBD. This means their effects can be localized.
Cannabinoid receptors are everywhere throughout your body, even your lips. So if you use a high quality CBD lip balm, it can have an effect. 

How does CBD lip balm work?

It’s difficult to predict specific CBD lip balm effects because they tend to differ so greatly from person to person. One of the main, and most obvious reason people use a CBD chapstick is because they have dry or severely cracked lips.
Most generic lip balms on the market today contain moisturizing ingredients that fight against chapped lips. 
It should be noted that the effectiveness of CBD for dry lips hasn’t been scientifically proven. There’s a lot of studies regarding CBD and the potential effects of CBD, but the reality is that what works for one person might not work for another. However, there’s no harm in trying a good quality CBD lip balm. 
Chapped and Dry Lips: What are the causes and what is the best treatment?
Chapped and dry lips are normal. You need not to worry. There’s lots of different factors that can contribute to dry and cracked lips – and they’re not necessarily a sign of bad health or poor self-care, for example, dry lips could just be down to the windy weather!
Common causes of chapped lips and cracked lips:
  • Weather: Certain weather conditions, such as cold temperatures, wind, or dry and hot climates, can cause your lips to dry up and crack.
  • Dehydration: You can become dehydrated in many different ways. Not drinking enough water is the key reason.
  • Too much alcohol, too many sugary drinks, or too much tea or coffee can also lead to dry lips.
  • Nutrient Deficiency: Lacking in Vitamin B can cause cracked lips, as well as rashes and spots.
  • UV Damage: If you live somewhere with frequent exposure to harmful UV rays, then you might want to try wearing some UV protection on your lips (like a high quality CBD chapstick!).
  • Bad Habits: Constantly licking your lips can dry them out pretty quickly. Make an effort to leave them alone!
Most of these causes of dry lips have simple and obvious fies. For example, if it’s dehydration, then all you need to do is drink more water. If it is a nutrient deficiency, then you might consider taking a vitamin B supplement or altering your diet. 
When the weather and UV damage is involved, many people opt for a lip balm. Ideally, the balm has some kind of UV protection. A CBD Chapstick or even CBD lipgloss can be hand to carry around. Lip balms also re-hydrate your lips and provide protection, whatever the weather. 

CBD Lip Balm Benefits

Most of the CBD balm sticks on the market today are made using natural ingredients such as beeswax. High quality ingredients such as this ensure that a CBD lip balm can coat lips without leaving them feeling greasy or unpleasant. Lip balms infused with CBD also give you the added benefit of a cannabidiol extract. 
As mentioned earlier, CBD infused lip balm, more specifically nano CBD lip balm can target endocannabinoid receptors in the skin. Scientists are still researching precisely how this reaction works and what it causes, but some users have seen positive results when using a CBD oil lip balm. O
f course, this could simply be down to the presence of moisturizing ingredients in the balm. It’s hard to say whether a CBD lip balm will work for everyone, but the reality is a lot of folks out there are asking the following question:

Does CBD Lip Balm Work?

There are more and more CBD lip balm products on the market. Naturally, this means that more and more people are wondering whether they work or not. Why would you buy an expensive luxury CBD lip balm if a cheaper one without cannabidiol has the same effects?
Whilst a CBD lip balm may offer some benefits, most of the generic lip balms on the market contain vitamins A, C and E which are good for many different things. If you’re just looking for a solution to your dry or chapped lips, then a regular balm will do. 

Final Thoughts on CBD Lip Balm

All things considered, CBD lip balm is one of the newest products on the market – but, is it just a fad? 
People use a lip balm for chapped lips and dry lips, and we believe that a generic lip balm will be what you need. Most of the CBD lip balms currently on the market are not made with nano CBD, this means that your lips will not be able to absorb them. 
A better way to take your daily dose of CBD would be through a CBD oil, CBD gummies or CBD capsules!

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