Buying CBD Oil in Birmingham

Birmingham is the second most popular city in the UK after London. Its popularity comes from it being considered as the social, cultural, financial and commercial centre of the Midlands. It’s also brimming with students as it contains six universities. This large proximity of students means that the easy accessibility to CBD is perfect as the stress of exams, which can make calming CBD oil a necessity for some. Currently is known for being one of the best CBD Oil sellers in Birmingham as their products are all natural and are rated for excellence.

CBD is a compound that can be found in hemp plants. Many confuse this and think that taking CBD can get you high. However, this is just a common misconception. THC is the compound that contains psychoactive properties, unlike CBD which merely influences the body to use its own endocannabinoids in ways that benefits the user positively. This means that it can limit inflammation to the brain and nervous system which then helps with physical pain, mental health etc… Balance CBD has a great list of CBD Oils that have helped many!

CBD oils can help with many different things, some often find that applying it to painful areas eases the pain and others find that it helps to soothe them. offers a wide range of oils to help for multiple things. For example, their ‘Sleepy time Oil’ is known to help you doze off to sleep or simply relax an anxious mind. You can buy it here!

They also have an oil for the exact opposite! ‘Uplift’ is known to revive and energise you. It can be used to reduce mental fatigue, dizziness, anxiety and plenty more! Definitely check this one out if you’re fed up of feeling sleepy during those long Mondays!

CBD Edibles in Birmingham

CBD edibles are food products that contain CBD. Unlike weed edibles they won’t get you high, but many eat them for an assortment of other reasons other than their great taste! Many prefer to eat Edibles rather than to use oil as the effects of CBD will last longer within your system!

Birmingham has a great collection of CBD products. The buzz around the city means that they are able to cater to everyone. This means getting your hands-on CBD edibles should be easy! You can find them in: Holland and Barrett, which is known throughout the UK as one of the best health store places! They sell an assortment of vitamins and natural food products as well as the best CBD chocolates. At this time they don’t sell them on their site but they do have a selection in stores.

Indigo Wholefoods is also highly recommended! They also sell fruits and vegetables, so you can do a healthy food shop whilst you’re there!

And if you’re still stuck and looking for a reliable edible source, BalanceCBD has an assortment of edible gummies (perfect for the sweet tooth). Currently for sale is the variety pack which is a mixed bag filled with gummies that can help you sleep, reenergise you or give you some relief. Check it out here!

CBD Vape Pens and Oils in Birmingham

Currently, ‘Vapor Shop Direct’ is one of the leading vape stores in Birmingham. They are well known for their excellent customer service and their affordable pricing, so if you’re a student you know where to go! They cater to customers all over the world despite being based in Birmingham.

‘Evapo’ is also nearby to the cities’ centre and is also incredibly popular. It’s known for its free flavour bar, wonderful customer service and great student discounts. Many leading e cigarette brands are affiliated with them as well such as SMOK and Aspire!

The oils used in these vape pens can also be used instead of CBD oil as they are created to do the exact same job, depending on the type of oil you buy. For example, some can offer healing properties that can interact with the chemicals in the brain to help calm you down.

As well as the great assortment offered to their customers, still provides delicious vape pens for everyone to try. The five star rated ‘Sunset Sherbet’ is recommended because of its delicious taste! Plus it all natural without any additives.

To Conclude…

CBD within Birmingham is highly accessible, there is an assortment of shops willing to accommodate to all sorts of ailments from back ache to anxiety and just simple exhaustion. A quick search of some of the stores in the area can show you the best ones to offer you CBD, and if you’re struggling is always there to help!

CBD and Newcastle

Buying CBD Oil in Newcastle

The most popular city in the North East, and known for the famous United Football club, is Newcastle. Newcastle is famous among the UK for its night life being claimed to be in one of the top ten spots in England for a great night out! It’s brimming with bars, pubs and clubs that people of all ages find themselves stumbling out of at random hours of the evening. It has even been awarded for being in 3rd place in Europe for its nightlife behind London and Berlin. Its large popularity finds itself drawing in all sorts of different audiences, and because of that, it caters to everyone. This includes those who have a particular love for CBD, because why wouldn’t you? One of Newcastle’s favoured CBD shops is They have a wonderful assortment of oils, edibles and vapes that you can find in story or online! Most of their oils are taken orally but they also have a collection of lotions and creams for those with painful injuries. Newcastle is also awaiting a grand opening within its shopping centre in Eldon Square. They look forward to their new specialist CBD shop entitled CBD Oil UK.

However, until that is fully up and running you can collect your own CBD Oil at A recommended buy is Charlotte’s Web. The name comes from a young girl who was suffering from a severe epileptic syndrome. The oil itself works to boost you mood and calm your nerves, definitely check it out!

CBD is known to be completely different from its cousin THC which is often found in weed and smoked from the hemp plant CBD or cannabidiol is found from. CBD is able to work with the chemicals in your brain to produce effects that can help calm an anxious brain, boost your mood or it can even help to alleviate chronic pain. It can do all of this, without making you high as it lacks THC, the component that if found in your product, could make it illegal.

Buying CBD Edibles

Edibles are always tricky to get your hands on, unless you live in very popular cities that are known for it such as Amsterdam. So people often prefer to simply make their own, especially as Newcastle itself prefers to focus mainly on CBD vape and Oil. However, as edibles are a great alternative to oil, you should definitely try to get your hands on some! Some prefer to use edibles instead of oil or vaping as, even though it takes longer to get into your system, once there it can stay there for up to 8 hours. And you can snack on delicious food too! So definitely do try to get your hands on some. One of the most popular stores, and sites, within Newcastle is, they are known for stocking all sorts of CBD essentials! Currently, their most popular CBD edible, unsurprisingly is, the CBD Belgian Milk Chocolate Stirrer. Buy your own here!

And if you can’t find anything that takes your fancy there, have a wonderful array of edible gummies, one of the favourites currently is the delicious natural raspberry which is known to uplift your mood!

CBD Vape Pens and Oil

There is a large array of vape shops along Newcastle high street, some more favoured than others. Currently is favoured among those who love CBD. It’s a reputable store known for being safe as their products are independently tested in a lab and certified for their quality, safety and purity. Their brands are all legal in the UK and THC free. Currently they boast their CBD e-Liquid ‘Main menu’ and encourage their customers to buy it. It is brand new and their claim that it is highly concentrated and one of the finest and purest liquids on the market. Check it out online now, or check out the address on their homepage to have a look in store.

CBD vape pens are often highly recommended within the CBD community for those who don’t want to use oils. Ingesting the oil via a vape is great, not only for the reasons its advertised, such as preventing smokers from getting back into the habit, but also because inhaling CBD in this fashion helps it to get into your system quicker. claims that you’ll feel it working instantly.

Alternatively, you’ll always be pleased with the vape pens and cartridges on Check out their Blue Hawaiian vape which can be used to relieve pain and induce peace.


CBD is known to work wonders for many, and Newcastle have an array of products everywhere for their customers who need it. Although I talked a lot about the favoured CBD shop as it has the highest reviews and is known for its safety, you should also poke your head into other shops along the city centre too! And definitely check out as they will never let you down!

CBD in Glasgow

CBD Oil in Glasgow

Glasgow is the biggest city in Scotland with a rich history and a population of over 600,000. Previously, it has been awarded the European titles of ‘City of Culture’ ‘City of Architecture and Design’ ‘Capital of Sport’ and ‘City of Music’. With so much going on and so many names to up hold as it’s such a progressive city, they need to be able to cater to their different audiences that come to their city to experience their rich culture!

Cannabidiol is reaped from hemp plants and utilised by the body’s natural endocannabinoid system. It is a popular chemical compound that more and more people are beginning to use as they find out the many health benefits that you can reap from it! It is 100% legal and safe to use as it lacks THC.

There are several different places in Glasgow that operate safe CBD shops that you can pop into and buy your CBD oils! Rated with five stars is, also known as Tardis along the high street in Glasgow. They claim to have the best CBD oil in Glasgow as they are the No.1 providers. The most popular oil in their shop is their Amber CBD Oil.

Another popular oil is sold by Their SleepyTime Oil is currently on offer! It contains natural vanilla and chamomile as well as other essential oils perfect for calming you down and helping you fall asleep.

CBD Edibles in Glasgow

Edibles are known as another way of using oils. They are put into your favourite snacks and deliver the CBD through your system. For many, ingesting the CBD does the same as using oils, it can help to calm you and or relieve chronic pain. However, it takes a lot longer to react with your body and for you to see results, however, once you do, it can stay with you for longer than using oils. Some edibles last up to eight hours or more.

Currently, contains a wide range of different sweets and gummies that you can buy from their online store based in Glasgow. If you love a bit of kick and would be interested in their much loved CBD watermelon sours, then definitely check them out!

But if you’re more of a sugary sweet type of person, then the Balancecbd gummies are perfect for you. Their cotton candy gummies are advertised to help with relief, and of course pleasure your sweet tooth.

CBD Vape Pens and Oils

Vaping is considered to be one of the fastest and easiest ways to ingest CBD into the body, which is why CBD vape oils have been highly recommended for many anxious smokers who are trying to kick the habit as well to help calm their minds. CBD has proven to be very good for the body, through tireless amount of research, which is why the CBD vaping audience has become bigger over time., voted as the best place to buy safe and all natural CBD products within Glasgow, is currently selling a vape oil that is 30% CBD and can be very soothing for those who need it! Or just enjoy CBD vape oils!

And if that’s doesn’t do enough to calm you down, balancecbd is selling a Charlottes’ Web CBD vape pen. As this CBD oil was created for a girl with a severe epileptic syndrome, it is known for the ways in which it helps to calm your nerves whilst also boosting your energy! So if you’re someone who get drained after a miserable day at work very easily, this is a highly recommended buy!


CBD has become wildly popular over recent years because of the fact that it has done such wonders for so many people. You can always find yourself able to find somewhere to cater to your CBD needs, especially in a popular city like Glasgow that is constantly teeming with people! For such a busy city, they need to also keep on trend, and although CBD is more than a trend but also something that has genuinely helped many cope with every day life, Glasgow has kept up and catered to their audience.

As I’ve mentioned, you can always count on their well known site or pop in to their store Tardis if you’d prefer to talk to them face to face and ask for help! And if you’re still unsure, you can always count on to deliver oils, vape pens and edibles!

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