Alcohol and CBD: Can they Mix?

 As marijuana extracts find their way into the beverage landscape, CBD (Cannabidiol) is emerging in multiple drink menus. However, what’s the impact of mixing CBD gummies or CBD oil with alcohol? Crucially, is mixing alcohol and CBD safe?

What should I expect from an alcohol and CBD mixture?

Although there’s a lot to learn regarding CBD’s clinical value, knowing how it merges with your body’s ECS (endocannabinoid system) is key to comprehending its effects.  The ECS is responsible for regulating body balance/homeostasis.
CBD attaches to multiple receptor body pathways, including the highly recognized cannabinoid receptors, CB2 and CB1. For example, when the CB2 receptors are triggered, whether by phytocannabinoids or endogenous cannabinoids, they may help to regulate inflammation, immune responses, and other body functions.
CBD reactions vary from one person to another. For example, the CB2 receptor has at least 7 CB2 receptor genetic mutations that can alter how each individual reacts to CBD. Thus, how each person reacts to an alcohol-and-CBD mix can significantly be different.
The process in which the body absorbs and metabolises CBD is under-researched and complex. This makes it hard to make definitive claims regarding what to expect from a CBD-alcohol mix. A person’s CBD response largely depends on their genes.
During a 1979 study that was featured in the Psychopharmacology Journal, 10 participants were randomly given one of these items; alcohol and a cannabidiol capsule, orange juice and a cannabidiol capsule, orange juice with placebo and alcohol only. Volunteers who took the alcohol and CBD mixture had reduced alcohol levels in their blood than volunteers who took alcohol only, however, there was barely any difference in motor skills impairment.
Thus, although CBD can alter one’s alcohol levels in the blood, it may not affect the tertiary effects of alcohol consumption. Note that both CBD and alcohol may exude sedative properties in excess doses.
Some animal studies have also suggested that CBD may help mitigate oxidative and neurodegenerative liver damage related to alcohol consumption. A 2013 research study from the Pharmacology Biochemistry and Behavior Journal gave CBD injections and gel to mice that were also injected with alcohol. Both the CBD injection and gel were proficient in reducing the neurodegeneration rate in mice models. 
A separate 2014 study concluded that mice given CBD a half hour before they took alcohol indicated significant minimal oxidative stress on their liver than mice who took alcohol only. Although it hasn’t been determined whether these therapeutic properties can remain the same with human alcohol use, they offer a possibility that some of alcohol’s harmful effects can be altered using CBD.
Nonetheless, due to the inadequate amount of available research, there’s no accurate way of determining whether two or one glass of CBD wine can cause any severe health effects, and more research is required to offer a definitive answer.

Can CBD Oil Help with My Hangover?

You might or might not have heard about CBD oil (a cannabinoid tincture, concentrate, or extract rich in CBD) as a highly preferred wellness commodity. The fast surging presence of cannabidiol oil in major pharmacies, health food shops and online has more folks thinking about whether it can improve their lives.
CBD oil might not lessen alcohol intoxication or motor skills impairment; however, is CBD oil effective against your hangover? Although it might not be the most instant cure, CBD oil may help with a myriad symptoms of a hangover, such as nausea and headaches.
Cannabidiol’s antioxidant and neuroprotective abilities might also make cannabidiol oil the most compelling option for handling your hangover. However, note that everyone has a different reaction to both CBD and alcohol.

Can I use CBD for Alcohol Withdrawal?

A review featured in the 2016 Neurotoxicity Research journal may have found scanty evidence to back CBD consumption in treating alcohol withdrawal or addiction; however, it only suggested that substances that act on CB2 receptors, like how cannabidiol does, may help in treating dependence on alcohol.
Additionally, Dr. Bone Melanie (medical cannabis specialist and board-registered OB-GYN) claims that CBD may assist in a risk reduction strategy to fight problematic alcohol drinking. 
 A research study published in the 2014 Radial Biology and Medicine backs Dr. Melanie’s statement that cannabidiol may minimize alcohol-related liver toxicity. The study was undertaken by researchers from New York’s Mount Sinai Medicine School and concluded that CBD protected the rodent’s livers from alcohol-based binge steatosis (fatty liver illness). More research is required to shed more light if these effects are transferable to human beings.
Alcohol withdrawal or addiction can become chronic, and even fatal if handled inappropriately, thus it’s always important for people with alcohol dependency to seek a pharmacist or doctor’s supervision before ceasing from alcohol consumptions.
Also, CBD cocktails can be suitable for people searching for a relaxing and enjoyable effect of a cocktail minus alcohol. Simply include CBD oil in your cocktail recipe, go easy on the liquor, and have fun with CBD beverage in your favorite social spot.
As always you should consult a doctor before taking CBD. This article is not intended to be medical advice. 

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