Your health isn’t just your weight, temperature, and blood pressure. It’s an ongoing practice that requires vigilance and dedication. From time to time, we all slip — we eat that extra large fries or we order another round of drinks. At other times, our work and home life can chew away at our resilience until all that’s left is the raw wiring of our nerves. No matter the reason behind your new health goals, it’s not cheap being healthy.

Our customers say that cannabidiol (CBD) has helped them fend off anxiety, sleep longer, and feel better. But the price of CBD fluctuates wildly, from the cost of a vanilla latte to a steak dinner with all the fixings. Our expert staff at Balance CBD have been in the business long enough to know the difference between a great product and snake oil. The real stuff isn’t always the most expensive nor the strongest.

Below, we offer you the best advice for separating the good CBD from the bad. This way, you can buy authentic CBD on a budget. Let’s begin with the types of CBD you’ll find on the internet.

Know Your CBD Categories

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a phytocannabinoid derived from hemp. The US Farm Bill of 2018 legalized the growing of hemp across the country. As a side effect, hemp products, including CBD oil, were also legalized. The key takeaway is that hemp-based CBD has less than two years on the market. We’re still learning the best ways to consume CBD.

All CBD products on the internet begin with American hemp. Don’t buy CBD oil, even on a budget, without confirming it’s from the United States. That’s because overseas hemp growers lack the oversight and regulations that protect you from herbicides, GMOs, and trace metals.

When CBD companies farm their hemp or purchase biomass, they break it down into three varieties. No matter where you buy your products, they’ll boast one of the following:

Full-Spectrum CBD: Extracts labeled full-spectrum contain an assortment of hemp cannabinoids. That means aside from CBD, you’ll find CBN and CBC. Full-spectrum also contains a small dose of THC, the psychoactive cannabinoid in hemp and medical cannabis. For a CBD oil or other product to be legal under federal law, it cannot contain more than 3% THC.

Make sure your full-spectrum oil ships with a lab test or certificate to prove its contents. People love full-spectrum because of its holistic benefits. Some anecdotal evidence suggests that full-spectrum CBD triggers the entourage effect, which you can read more about here.

Broad-Spectrum CBD: If you take a full-spectrum extract and cut out the THC, you’re left with broad-spectrum CBD. You’ll get CBD and other cannabinoids, along with terpenes and flavonoids. Remember that no two broad-spectrum batches are the same, so check their third party lab tests or Certificate of Analysis to confirm what you’re getting.

You’ll receive the potential benefits of other cannabinoids, just without a small dose of THC. Broad-spectrum is a good choice for those that fear they’ll fail a drug test or refuse to consume any THC.

CBD Isolate: Isolates represent the most refined version of CBD. Companies must run their extract through multiple filtration processes to obtain a CBD isolate. With this form of CBD, you’ll experience the benefits of CBD without the interference or amplification of other hemp cannabinoids.

At Balance CBD, we mix terpenes and essences into our oils to boost the oil’s effects. Most edibles contain CBD isolate because spectrum blends lose their efficacy when heated.

Read CBD Company Reviews

A surefire way to pinpoint a reliable CBD company with inexpensive products is through their reviews. Reviews come in a few different categories.

First, there are customer reviews. You’ll find these on the company website. Check to make sure that not every reviewer rates the product with five stars. That’s because fake reviews repeat phrases and stick to the highest rates possible. So it may sound counterintuitive, but check for a few reviews under three stars; even the best product in the world will find its way to an ornery customer or two.

You’ll want to read several reviews for the product, checking to see how long the oil lasted them and what it relieved. Also, a “verified purchaser” badge next to the reviewer’s name signifies that they bought the product and ensures an honest review.

Second, search for reviews in online magazines and consumer websites. These are most often composed as Top Ten or Best-of lists. See where your budget-friendly CBD rates amongst other companies. If your CBD oil sells for less but offers the same benefits and reviews highly on websites, you’re more likely to love the product, too.

Coupons and Flash Sales

With dozens of CBD companies vying for your purchase and loyalty, the chances you have to pay full price are slim. Look for companies that offer sales on their CBD oils and other products. Sometimes you’ll have to join a mailing list, but for 25% off, that’s not such a bad thing.

Check the Twitter and Instagram accounts of the company you like. Scroll down and see how often they drop their prices in flash sales. That’s when a CBD provider will cut prices to entice customers to buy a slew of products. At Balance CBD, we often lower our cannabidiol prices by 50%, especially during holidays and big sports events.

Waiting for a flash sale or signing up for a coupon may take a little more of your time, but when you’re on a budget, a little time can reduce your costs significantly.

Start with Low Doses

Once you’ve purchased your CBD, don’t overconsume. This is especially true in your first few weeks. CBD doesn’t affect you the same way as painkillers and pharmaceuticals. Customers that treat their stiff joints with CBD, for example, report alleviation without the euphoric highs associated with other drugs. For this reason, you may consume more CBD than you should since you’re expecting a numbness or mental effect.

We recommend consuming small doses of CBD at first, then waiting a specific amount of time before taking more. Be mindful of your body and its reactions to CBD. If the pain or anxiety has diminished, then the CBD is working. To know how long to wait until taking more CBD, check out these approximations:

CBD Oils: Effects within an hour. Re-dose every three to four hours.

CBD Edibles: Effects within an hour to an hour and a half. Re-dose every four to six hours.

CBD Vapes: Effects within five minutes. Re-dose every two hours.

CBD Topicals: Effects within an hour. Re-dose every three to five hours.

Buy More for Less

If you plan on consuming CBD for chronic pain or inflammation, it may suit you to purchase a larger bottle of oil or a bigger bag of gummies. As a rule, the bigger the bottle the cheaper the CBD oil is per milliliter. For example, a bottle of our terpene-infused Balance CBD CBD tincture costs $24.95 for 500mg and $59.95 for 1,000mg. Doubling the amount of CBD in the oil by increasing the price by less than $30. You’ll find this fact abides with most CBD purchases.

For those seeking alleviation from anxiety or mild discomfort, purchasing a larger quantity may still work out in your favor. That’s because you’ll consume less oil per dosage, resulting in a delay before your next purchase. Having that extra time affords you the luxury of waiting until another sale, which often happens once every few months.

Balance CBD Your Trusted Source of Products

Never buy from a company that doesn’t stand behind their product with a 30-day money-back guarantee. At Balance CBD, we believe in our products and our service. Our return policy serves our customers, not ourselves. If you don’t like your CBD oil or edible, simply send them back our way and we’ll gladly offer your a refund, no questions asked.

With country-wide shipping and products free of pesticides, trace metals, and GMOs, our products rank consistently in top-ten lists and customer reviews. Check out our full list of CBD products here. And don’t forget to take advantage of our limited-time offers by following us on Facebook.


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