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Millennials Are 50% More Likely To Use CBD Than Boomers

Millennials using CBD - Balance CBD

Not too long ago, the world was a peaceful place. Suddenly, the year 2012 disrupted most of our lives, and no, it was not the Mayan Apocalypse that some were predicting. Instead, the kale vegetable exploded onto the scene, and it was everywhere! Previously only used to decorate vegetable displays, kale has become a household […]

Recreational Cannabis in 2021

Recreational Cannabis in USA 2021 | Balance CBD

It’s Appears Likely that 50% of American Adults Will be Able to Use Recreational Cannabis Come 2021 Recreational cannabis has been a hot-button topic for state legislators and governors for the last 15 years. With Illinois’ passage of a recreational cannabis bill, they are set to become the 11th state to allow adults to engage […]