5 Reasons Why CBD Products May Not Be Working For You

You might have often asked yourself, “why does cbd not work for me?”




You may have tried CBD a few times and you may have a feeling that it does not have its claimed effects on you. This is a common concern shared by many. As it’s a new supplement, people do not have an exact idea on where to purchase, what amounts to use and how exactly to consume it. These are some of the factors that the effectiveness of CBD depends upon. 

You should however not give up on CBD right away without first learning some of the reasons why they do not work for some people as listed below. You will be in a better position to give this supplement another go armed with all the necessary information to help you make the most of it.

1) The CBD may not be from a trusted source

CBD is a relatively new supplement to the market. There is no obligation upon companies dealing in CBD to supply quality products simply because the industry is not regulated by relevant authorities such as USDA or the FDA. What this means is that consumers who get their CBD products from such companies may be getting low quality products that do not offer benefits expected from CBD. 

The best solution to this problem is therefore to buy your CBD from those companies who have had their products tested for quality and dosage consistency by third party services. What this means is that, a CBD company sends their products to reputed independent “Lab Testing” services to get their sample tested for CBD concentration as well as to check for traces of any toxins like mycotoxins, pesticides, heavy metals, residual solvents etc. which degrade the quality of CBD. Balance CBD provides lab results for every CBD product ordered from our website. You can see the results on our lab results page.

2) You may not be following the right dosage guidelines

As a consumer of CBD, you may not be sure of its correct Dosage. Different amounts of CBD are required for different conditions. For those unfamiliar with hemp CBD Oil, it may be difficult deciding where to start. Balance CBD offers various concentrations ranging between 250mg and 1000mg. It is usually recommended that you start with 8mg CBD per day which you can then adjust up or down based on the effect desired. 
We offer so many different dosages of CBD oil so you can find the best one for you!

3) Are you using the right form of CBD?


Due to the nature of its makeup, CBD allows you to use it in various ways. A range of different CBD applications exist today – from the more common CBD oils suitable for oral consumption, to CBD creams for the skin. It therefore makes a huge difference what form of CBD product you use based on what you need it for.

There is no doubt that everyone responds differently to different forms of CBD. So, if you are after an immediate relief for example, then you may find going for a topical. Likewise, if you are after experiencing long term benefits of CBD, then consider going for a CBD oil tincture.

When taking oral CBD supplements, it is important that you establish a routine and ensure to stick to it. You should also be consistently taking it for at least thirty days. Random consumption as well as missing your dose for a couple of days could disrupt its effectiveness.  

4) Are you using a full-spectrum CBD?

You will come across both CBD isolates as well as full spectrum CBD products on the market. A CBD isolate is the hemp extract’s processed version. It is a refined product that has had its CBD molecule isolated! A CBD isolate, as opposed to the full-spectrum product, therefore does not contain other compounds you will find in a hemp plant. For people who prefer THC free products, CBD isolates may be an option. However, full synergistic benefits come with all the compounds working together. So a full spectrum CBD product is known to be more effective.

An entourage effect is created by cannabinoids and terpenes working together in full-spectrum CBD products. What this means is that, the whole plant’s restorative benefits surpass that of all of its parts brought together. A full-spectrum hemp CBD has most of the hemp plant intact as it is purely extracted and minimally refined. .

So, one of the reasons your CBD products may not have been working for you so far might be because you have been using a product that isolates the CBD molecule instead of a product that contains the CBD molecule together with terpenes and the natural cannabinoids. It is for this reason that Balance CBD offers full-spectrum CBD products. 

Take a look at our award winning range of full spectrum CBD oils here.

5) You might be expecting too much from it

Everyone metabolizes CBD differently much like any other supplement on the market. Your genetic makeup, your body’s metabolic rate as well as biochemical processes are the deciding factors. It is hence recommended that you consistently use it for a minimum of 30 days to give it a fair try. 

It is also important to understand that CBD is an emerging product type which still requires lots of research to confirm how effective it is for the treatment of different health conditions. Balance CBD has so far sold CBD products to thousands of consumers thereby compiling hundreds of reviews from buyers on how they used CBD for their various conditions.  

Just like any other health supplement, CBD requires consistent usage with patience to allow time for your body to respond and for you to get results you expect. CBD is gaining in popularity because it works for many people. 14% of Americans use CBD according to Gallup News! It is therefore wise to figure out reasons why CBD may not be working for you before giving up on it. It has great potential to benefit you as it has helped many people.   


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